Following a significant investment into a new facility, Australian distributor GMS Pacific has opened the doors to its first demo centre. Managing director of GMS Pacific, Andrew McNamara stated, ‘We recently relocated the whole business to Notting Hill in Victoria in order to have space for a fantastic new demo facility.

‘As this is our first ever demo centre, we wanted to make it special, and we’re delighted that the significant investment has been so worthwhile.

‘The new facility is in an ideal location for us, and from here we can host and entertain customers from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.’

GMS Pacific has delivered intelligent solutions for label and packaging manufacturers for more than 40 years including the likes of Domino with its digital label presses, digital corrugated presses, and digital monochrome web solutions. Other companies who work with GMS Pacific include: EyeC, Erhardt and Leimer (E+L), Kongsbrerg and Accudyne.

Kongsberg have used the opportunity of the new centre to showcase a Kongsberg C64 at the heart of its automated production. GMS Pacific, which has delivered intelligent solutions for label and packaging manufacturers for more than 40 years, has handled distribution and servicing for Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) across the Oceania region since 2021.

David Preskett, vice president of Kongsberg PCS, EMEA and APAC, said the new centre offered the opportunity to promote the Kongsberg C64’s high level of performance. ‘The Kongsberg C64 is the ideal centrepiece to any demonstration, with its state-of-the-art engineering and aerospace technology, together with an aluminium composite tabletop, rack and pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping all combining to deliver the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency.

‘With the addition of the wide range of optional tooling combinations, Andrew and the team can now also demonstrate how the C64 can tackle any job quickly and easily while being confident in achieving the best quality of final print and cut.’

Mr Preskett also stated that the new demo centre adds to its number of partnerships which has enabled Kongsberg PCS to showcase its digital cutting solutions to customers worldwide. ‘Kongsberg cutting solutions are renowned for delivering the most robust and reliable digital cutting solutions to packaging, signage and display markets across the world.

‘It is our goal to ensure customers can witness the power and performance of our range without having the expense, inconvenience, and environmental impact of travelling half-way around the globe to do so.

‘This latest demo centre helps achieve that.’