Markem-Imaje has developed a new pick-off resistant ink for its 5940 G Touch Dry high resolution inkjet coder for printing on horizontal flow wrappers.

Available globally and suited for the high-speed confectionary and nutraceuticals industry, Markem-Imaje stated the new 5016 ink has multiple benefits for manufacturers including: improved rub test results, code legibility and longevity with an ability to run high-speed, high-volume production lines while maintaining code integrity, key for the continuation of using ‘touch dry,’ hot melt inks.

Other advantages of the new pick-off resistant 5016 ink is its durability and improved adhesion maintaining legibility. It offers 100 times less pick-off of ink when compared to the previous generation of Touch Dry primary packaging film inks and can result in a whole grade higher barcode score, of up to 400 rubs, at Grade C.

Gregory Kasprzak at Markem-Imaje said, ’This new 5016 ink is made to be even better than our previous 9007 when it comes to printing on films.

‘Code longevity and legibility are critical concerns, and pick-off resistance is desired by our customers because it can literally be removed at the forming shoes of flow wrappers – this ink offers massive improvements to achieving these qualities in primary package flow wrapper applications.’