Rosas Maschinenbau, a German manufacturer of customised rewinder and inspection machines, has developed a new RFID label converting and serialisation line.

The modular solution features Rosas’ Gazelle bidirectional rewinder with serialisation printing, Bumble Bee RFID inserter, Leopard 300 rewinder with UHF RFID and NFC serialization, Lake Image System’s Discovery RFID tool, and Infinity print inspection system.

The combined line can encode UHF and HF tags based on information from a database or synchronise with printed serialisation codes read by the camera before (barcode, QR code, data matrix or OCR). This ensures the visual and code inside the RFID tag matches.

‘With this new solution, we offer a powerful full suite for RFID label serialisation and testing,’ said David Rosas Wolf, managing partner at Rosas Maschinenbau.

In the first instance, codes are imprinted and RFID tags inserted on the Gazelle rewinder with a 90-degree inserting option. Step two takes place on the Leopard 300 rewinder with Lake Image’s Discovery RFID serialisation suite to encode UHF and NFC/HF tags from a file, or the Infinity inspection camera, decoding UHF and NFC to file (logging), sequence check to master file, and check for double encoding to a master file. The camera with UHF encoding can reach high speeds up to 40m/min or 25,000 tags per hour and up to 20m/min or 12,500 tags per hour with NFC encoding. UHF decoding is at up to 50m/min or 35,000 tags per hour and NFC decoding up to 40m/min or 25,000 tags per hour. A database matches the camera verifier and RFID read.

Mr Rosas continued, ‘Rosas has specialised in customised RFID decoding and encoding solutions for many years including high-frequency, ultra-high frequency, and near-field communication with read/write and database synchronisation in combination with optical vision systems. We welcome the opportunity to work with printers for customised solutions in RFID label converting and serialisation.’