Saica Group has installed an HP PageWide C550 at its facility in Viana, Navarra, Spain, expanding its customer offering with digital.

Saica is one of the largest European players in the development and production of recycled paper and corrugated packaging. The HP PageWide C550 press will allow Saica to expand its customer offering with digital and work alongside its high-quality post-print (HQPP) flexo presses. Back in 1997, Saica Pack Viana introduced the first HQPP presses in Iberia. Saica’s growth plans today include migration of current flexo jobs to digital, as well as loading the press with previously outsourced litho work.

With the addition of HP PageWide C550, Saica will be able to offer its customers faster time-to-market, short lead times and sustainable digitally printed packaging, based on HP’s printing technology and true water-based inks. This single-pass, post-print press will also open for Saica new opportunities with printed packaging on coated and uncoated liners, to give its clients better flexibility and a wider range of applications for their campaigns, including food-compliance packaging.

Félix San Miguel, general manager at Saica Pack Viana, said, ‘We are committed to using the best technologies to drive our group box strategy. We see a definite fit for the HP PageWide C550 in our Viana plant handling the volumes that need to be produced to the highest quality.’

Saica Group is committed to innovation and sustainability, focusing heavily on implementing sustainable practices to help achieve the company’s sustainability goals by 2025. The new HP’s digital technology allows print-on-demand in short to long runs, reduces obsolescence, waste and warehousing, and contributes to circular economy. The PageWide C550 printing technology also uses an automatic clean-up procedure for the printheads, reducing the water used in press clean-up.

Mr San Miguel said, ‘The C550’s water-based inks and print quality are a key component for our customers and in driving Saica’s commitment to key environmental vectors such as sustainability and reduction in water consumption. We are committed to offering the market solutions that seek maximum customisation and flexibility in packaging.’