Domino has officially opened a subsidiary in Indonesia, dedicated to providing complete, closed-loop coding options for customers across the archipelago.

Headquartered in Jakarta and supported by regional offices in Bandung and Surabaya, Domino Printing Indonesia sees the inkjet digital printing specialist become the first global coding and marking provider to establish a direct presence in the Indonesian market. Domino plans to open subsequent offices across Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi.

The new subsidiary is intended to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for complete, closed-loop coding options for businesses of all sizes and within all key market sectors – including pharmaceuticals, building and construction, and food and beverage. Further, the move will allow Domino to expand its capabilities, increase the value for customers in the region, and provide a step change in service-level provision with coding and marking technology, software and integration available from a single provider for the first time.

In addition, with growing interest from businesses worldwide in accessing products, services and solutions as part of flexible contracts, rather than committing to capital expenditure, Domino Printing Indonesia will now offer product leasing contracts, consumables contracts and service contracts.

Ben Rock, strategic development director at Domino, said, ‘Being a resource-rich country, rather than exporting those valuable resources overseas, the Indonesian government is focused on adding value for the local market. With increased foreign direct investment, market demand for coding and marking will increase. Domino will now be well-placed to respond to this and keep up with the demand and service levels that customers expect.’

Matt Downing, British Chargé d’affaires to Indonesia and Timor-Leste, commented, ‘We very much welcome Domino’s investment in Indonesia to provide innovative closed-loop coding and marking solutions across a range of important sectors. The UK is a world leader in science and innovation; we are keen work hand-in-hand with businesses such as Domino to foster inclusive and sustainable growth, as well as promoting technology-based research and development in Indonesia.’

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country globally and is projected to become the world’s fourth largest economy globally by 2040. The Indonesian coding and marking market is projected to grow nine percent annually, offering an opportunity for Domino to replicate the success it has reported in its other subsidiary markets in Asia, namely China, India and South Korea. The opening of Domino Printing Indonesia will also being increased employment opportunities to Indonesia.

Domino has a long history in Indonesia, having worked with distribution partners in the country for the last 23 years. Domino Printing Indonesia will retain all the Domino experience it has built up over this time, as Shaun Chan, general manager of Domino Printing Indonesia, explained. ‘One of the key strengths of the new subsidiary will be the successful integration of talented professionals from incumbent distributors – meaning that our customers in the region will continue to be served by their existing service engineers.’