EyeC and Hybrid Software have extended their collaboration, with the direct integration of EyeC ProofText into Cloudflow enabling ‘maximum efficiency’ in artwork creation.

Both companies have been working together successfully on various levels for many years to improve pre-press processes with the help of smart productivity tools. In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers, the latest joint project focuses on the complex process of artwork creation. To do this, EyeC ProofText uses Mako Core technology from Global Graphics Software, a Hybrid Software Group company, to process PDF documents. Mako Core uses a unique document object model (DOM) to control colour, fonts, text, images, vector content and metadata. Through so-called DOM APIs, content can be queried and edited across formats and platforms, and digital documents can be modified. The highly automated, web-based artwork proofreading system EyeC ProofText detects and evaluates deviations within the revision check, including content and font style, within a single process step thanks to an intelligent algorithm.

The expanded partnership between the two companies is targeted at the joint development of web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premise software options for the graphic industry. Specifically, the combination of the two companies’ technologies enables complete automation of repeat jobs in a fluid workflow. In addition to shorter processing times and the avoidance of errors, this ensures that the final product ‘is of the highest quality’, right from the artwork management process. At the same time, the digital workflow principle optimises quality assurance and saves resources by reducing manual effort. Even with very complex cases, the system combination offers up to 50 % faster performance.

EyeC CEO Ansgar Kaupp said, ‘We are proud to further extend our successful partnership with Hybrid Software and to support customers with this innovative solution to increase their efficiency within their artwork management processes. The direct integration of EyeC ProofText into Cloudflow enables a consistent connection between both systems, allowing us to offer our customers even more security in the pre-press process.’

Christopher Graf, chief marketing officer of Hybrid Software, noted, ‘The partnership with EyeC allows us to drive digitisation in artwork creation and further simplify increasingly complex workflows. At the same time, we are setting new standards together in the graphics industry by expanding our range of innovative solutions.’