Leibinger has introduced an intelligent coding and marking system, the IQJet, which it says promises ‘plug and print’ performance.

The IQJet is equipped with four assistance systems, one of which is the Smart.OS operating system with a 10-in touch display. Various interfaces, including OPC UA and an integrated PLC, enable integration into the production line. Leibinger claims that operation is intuitive and ‘can be mastered by anyone’.

The IQPrint technology is said to ensure reliable printing performance with consistent quality. When not in use, the entire ink circuit, including the print nozzle, is sealed airtight while the ink continues to circulate, eliminating regular maintenance and printhead cleaning routines.

With the Smart.Care function, other maintenance is also minimised. The IQJet uses durable components, most of which are manufactured in Leibinger’s factory in Germany and subject to stringent quality controls. The system’s design does not require a continuously running feed pump, reducing wear and tear. As a result, maintenance is usually only required after five years.

‘With the IQJet, we can now give our customers even more confidence – and serenity – that everything is working as it should 24/7 when they’re marking products. From the moment production begins with the IQJet, it always runs smoothly and without any delays. You just plug it in and start printing – with absolute reliability. Plug and Print, as we say. The IQJet is so much more than just a CIJ printer. Our customers literally no longer have to worry about anything when coding and marking their products,’ commented Christina Leibinger, CEO of Leibinger.

Ms Leibinger continued, ‘Leibinger is a family-run business and committed to made-in-Germany quality. Our specialised expertise and maximum vertical integration enable us to offer our customers added value in terms of higher productivity and system reliability. The IQJet embodies our extensive expertise aimed at providing our customers with a worry-free, cost-effective, sustainable solution.’