Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has introduced the AD XeroLinr DT, a new FSC-certified and phenol-free direct thermal (DT) linerless option to drive productivity, reduce waste and advance sustainability.

Labels are a key component of modern packaging, yet 50% of a conventional label – its release liner and matrix – immediately become waste material upon application. To meet this challenge, Avery Dennison has released AD XeroLinr DT, a sustainable, linerless alternative for variable information (VI) labels. This is noted by the company as being especially relevant for today’s logistics industry, where the volume of parcels being sent increases each day.

‘AD XeroLinr DT offers up to 60% more labels per roll and fewer roll changes, providing customers with greater productivity,’ said Vincenzo Palumbo, product solutions manager at Avery Dennison. ‘Importantly, due to using less resources and less transportation, it has a substantially lower carbon footprint. In this way, we’re reducing waste and advancing sustainability.’

‘Using the new Avery Dennison Carbon Trust Tool, we’ve been able to measure the savings in carbon and water that can be made with AD XeroLinr DT,’ added Alena Maran, director of marketing strategy and sustainability at Avery Dennison. ‘The results are clear: using AD XeroLinr DT significantly reduces environmental impact.’