Rotocon has expanded its European team based near Hamburg, Germany with a trio of appointments.

This has seen André Klinkow named as chief operations officer, Europe and Markus Lübcke becoming responsible for service, technical support, software and engineering, with Cornelia Steinroex made management assistant.

Mr Klinkow brings over 30 years of experience in the printing industry, including plant management and sales executive roles. He now leads the Rotocon Europe team and sales of Ecoline and Chrrome finishing systems in Europe and North America.

Mr Lübcke has more than 15 years of experience in automation technology in special machine construction and specifically over a decade of experience in the label industry, where he has worked as a department manager, electrical engineer, commissioning engineer and software engineer.

Mr Steinroex brings expertise in office and service management to Rotocon Europe, as well as strong familiarity of the printing industry to support the company and its customers.

Michael Aengenvoort, Rotoco Group CEO, commented, ‘Their combined experience and expertise will be valuable in supporting our European and North American Ecoline and Chrome customers with their equipment.’

Expansion of the Rotocon Europe team has been made to provide sales and support of Ecoline and Chrome finishing machines in Europe and North America directly, with the brands are no longer represented by Rotocontrol and EMT International.

Mr Aengenvoort said, ‘We thank Rotocontrol and EMT International for their years of representing the Ecoline range of finishing machines in Europe and North America.’

Rotocon Europe is also to open a new facility in Hamburg to provide local Ecoline and Chrome machine demonstrations and factory acceptance testing of purchased equipment.