Industrial inkjet digital printing specialist Amica Systems is updating its hardware portfolio, with a trio of full-colour systems for the label and narrow web market.

Amica Systems, founded in 1988, has developed into a global inkjet player across a wide range of applications. Headquartered in Irvine, California in the US, the company employs some 250 people in its two manufacturing facilities in Taipei and Beijing, and its European main office in The Netherlands. Led by managing director Patrick Citroen, Amica Systems Europe has recently founded a new subsidiary in the UK located in Leicestershire.

As an integrator of inkjet systems, Amica has been a provider of customised inkjet solutions for partners around Europe in around 25 EU countries for single-pass inkjet systems. In terms of product development, the company invests in product development, special unique application software and in new systems for specific marketplaces.

In the case of the digital label printing market, this is to be expanded with LPS330, Gemini 330 and LZCH150.

Set to launch during Q3 2022, LPS330 is a UV LED inkjet printer, tailored for short and medium run jobs. It combines the technology of scanning (multi-pass) printing with that of single-pass printing, and is noted as being suitable for in-house label printing and for printing companies who receive requests for short runs labels. This press runs CMYK inks, plus double white and double varnish. The white printing feature includes under and overprinting for solid and opaque white ink layers on transparent films and metallic substrates. Using patent-pending technology in scanning printing mode, LPS330 delivers full-colour printing with a print width of 320mm at a resolution of 720 x 1200dpi.

Following that in Q4 is to be Gemini 330, a standalone UV inkjet label press. Starting with a print width of 216mm in CMYK, this can be extended to a 324mm print width. Designed with a full roll-to-roll drive train and equipped with an Arc concept to ensure the required web tension, Gemini 330 comes with automatic purge, wipe and cap functionality. LED lamps are used to pin the inks to deliver ‘excellent and crisp’ print quality, as well as broadening the range of substrates that can be printed on.

Alongside Gemini 330, new is the C324PA modular full-colour CMYK UV inkjet imprinting system. C324PA is designed to be easily integrated on existing flexo or offset label presses and other roll-to-roll transport systems. As with the Gemini model, C324PA comes with fully automatic purge, wipe and cap functionality for easy maintenance and constant print quality.

2023 will then see the launch of LZCH150, a six-colour (CMYK+OG) UV label press offering a print width of 150mm. Fully equipped with an automatic cleaning system and pinning LED lamps, it is possible to print on a wide variety of materials like PP, BOPP, PVC, glossy paper and standard paper. Identified as a ‘unique entry-level solution’, LZCH150 is claimed to be suitable for companies who want to start with digital at a lower investment level or those wishing make the first leap into the UV market away from cheaper water-based digital printers. The 150mm-wide press will then be joined by 75mm and 108mm wide LZCH models.

All of Amica’s new digital system configurations work seamlessly with the company’s flagship PDF RIP software, NuviPRINT, which houses a host of features such as colour matching suits, variable data printing, and connection to web servers for internet-based workflows.

Commenting, Mr Citroen said, ‘Investment is a continuous process in our company. We invest in product development, special unique application software and in new systems for specific marketplaces where we can offer unique solutions.

‘Underneath, a large, untouched market is emerging for label presses in the mid-segment and low market segment, offering great potential and new opportunities. We certainly want to set the standards into these markets.’