Grafimax is celebrating 30 years in the market with the installation of Durst Tau technology to produce labels in small and medium runs in Brazil.

The print shop, which serves customers in the beverage, toys, food, and plastics sector, started its activities in the traditional typography segment, gradually moving into offset printing and investing heavily in the labels and tags market. Along with Tau 330 RSC, the company also purchased a laser cutting system to streamline production.

Elimar Reinhold, founder of Grafimax, said, ‘We understood that there were many opportunities in the labels segment. Furthermore, it was a market where we could add more value to our service through special finishes, such as cold foil, lamination, screen printing varnish, among others. As we are in a heavily industrial area, there was demand.

‘We researched several brands doing quality tests. The equipment offered good quality, but Durst differentiated itself. It is equipment that will not only allow us to meet this volume of medium and small print runs with quality but will also give us the security to expand the segments into areas where we still do not have much volume, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, among others.’

The success in the labels market made Grafimax expand its production park, investing in conventional flexography equipment. However, with the growing demand for smaller print runs and special applications, such as customisation, the company took the opportunity to invest in digital.