ePac Flexible Packaging is to accelerate its worldwide growth and transition to a global enterprise over the next 18 months.

ePac Holdings will become ePac Global, and 11 new sales and manufacturing locations will be added across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and North America. These will bring ePac’s global footprint to 36 locations.

In Europe, a second plant will be added in each of the UK, France, and Poland. In Austria, ePac Innsbruck will open in later this year, along with a new site(s) to serve The Netherlands and Scandinavia.

In the Asia-Pacific region, second plants will be added in Indonesia and Australia, and a new operation will start up in Malaysia. ePac also plans to establish an Asia-based global services group to manage operations in the region.

In MENA, ePac West Africa in Ghana will also open later this year, while evaluations of new sites in Kenya and Turkey are underway.

In North America, ePac Montreal will open its doors in early 2023, along with three additional plants in the US.

ePac Flexible Packaging CEO Jack Knott said, ‘To manage our growth and operations, our company is transitioning from ePac Holdings, to ePac Global with an infrastructure to optimise market knowledge and growth in each country we are in.’