Jeffrey J Prosinski, the executive vice president and chief financial officer at JM Huber, has been appointed to Michelman’s board of directors.

Steve Shifman, the executive chairman of the board, commented, ‘It is a great honor to announce this appointment. Mr Prosinski has decades of leadership experience in positions at companies directly related to Michelman’s core businesses. His time spent leading family-owned businesses like ours should prove invaluable. We believe his wisdom and insights will help us immensely as we continue working toward innovating a sustainable future.’

Mr Prosinski was first appointed to his role at JM Huber in 2006, prior to which he worked at PolyOne, serving as finance director from 1994 to 2003. He himself said, ‘Huber has remained family-owned since its founding in 1883, while Michelman has also been family-owned since its inception in 1949. I look forward to sharing my ideas and observations regarding what it takes to successfully grow a private, family-owned business in a competitive, global economy. I’m excited to work alongside such a talented group.’