Koenig & Bauer Durst has launched Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Eco+, a digital corrugated industrial production press for run lengths from one to millions of square metres.

Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Eco+ press, using water-based, food-safe, sustainable inks, is targeted at converters who produce volumes between for and eight million square metres a year. The press can handle media sizes up to 1.3 x 2.8m, has a compact drying system, and features a compact drying system, and the new dynamic nozzle management (DNM) tool. DNM identifies nozzle clogging and can then be programmed to manage the level of ink being jetted from the head. It ensures that high-quality production is always maintained, whilst reducing printhead maintenance. DNM will become part of the standard package for the Delta SPC 130 portfolio, including the new Eco+ model.

Matthias Krautgasser, Koenig & Bauer Durst’s Delta SPC 130 product manager, explained, ‘We have already implemented our automated non-contact cleaning system; DNM will further increase uptime and productivity of our Delta SPC 130 product line-up.

‘DNM is another tool in our parcel of advanced technologies, which will give our customers even more confidence in these challenging times. DNM will be fitted to all new products, including the Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Eco+ model that will be available from next year. It can also be upgraded to existing customer machines.’

As an entry-level, compact model, Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Eco+ is claimed will offer corrugated converters a new route into digital packaging or can enhance current capabilities. This new press is fully upgradeable to the Delta SPC FlexLine Automatic press.

Mr Krautgasser continued, ‘Many of the corrugated converters we are in discussion with have run lengths of between four to eight million square metres per year, so the new Koenig & Bauer Durst Delta SPC 130 Eco+ will be perfect for them, with the capability to upgrade to the SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic press later.’

Robert Stabler, managing director at Koenig & Bauer Durst, said, ‘Raw material shortages, cost pressures and mitigation strategies continue to be high on the agenda for customers. Coupled with brand owners demanding that new production methods are reliable, compliant and cost effective, we are confident that our complete product portfolio, including the new Eco+ press from Koenig & Bauer Durst, will meet the rapidly changing requirements.

‘Converters increasingly need to have the capabilities and competencies to mass customize without any compromise on quality, and all at an effective total cost of ownership, which we provide.’