Cosmetics and body care manufacturer visett has laid out its plans to further the use of V-Shapes’ single-dose sachets in combination with digital printing.

visett is a provider of branded and white label cosmetics and body care products. The company currently has a V-Shapes Prime single-lane fill and seal packaging/converting machine for on-demand production of unique single-dose sachets that can be opened with a single gesture using one hand, as well as a AstroNova TrojanLabel T2-C printer. visett is using a combination of printing on demand and pre-printed flexo substrates to meet the widest possible range of customer needs.

‘We have historically offered a whole range of packaging for our products, including bottles and tubes,’ commented Michel Raad, owner and managing director at visett. ‘We had never offered sachets before because many of our competitors did. But as an innovative company, when we learned about V-Shapes, we saw it as the next-generation solution, a differentiator for us, and we didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.’

The V-Shapes Prime has been so successful for visett that the company is currently in the process of seeking a larger facility in order to add two or three V-Shapes Alpha six-lane packaging machines. Since based on volume, some substrate is pre-printed with flexography. One machine is likely to be configured as an AlphaFlex, with inline printing.

Mr Raad continued, ‘In this way, we will have the ability to produce relatively large quantities with on-demand printing, but for the largest quantities, we can still leverage our flexo fleet as well.’