Inkcups has named Bobby Grauf as its first managing director in Europe.

Inkcups is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial inkjet digital printing equipment, pad printing equipment, laser platemakers, and corresponding supplies. It has direct sales channels, technical support teams and warehouse locations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong and other global locations.

With over 20 years of printing industry experience, Mr Grauf will deliver Inkcups’ vision and aspirations for the company in Europe, accelerating growth and expanding into new markets.

Mr Grauf hails from a family of three generations of printmakers, compositors, and lithographers. Prior to joining Inkcups, Mr Grauf served as country and sales manager, inkjet for the UK and Ireland at Agfa Graphics in London, where he established his career as a printing business leader with a proven track record of consistently winning high-value customers, growing market share and increasing overall profitability.

He commented, ‘I joined Inkcups because of the company’s high standard of leadership and products. The passion and commitment of the teams on both sides of the Atlantic is truly inspiring.

‘Over the past two decades, I’ve witnessed emerging trends and industry changes happen regularly. One great example is how digital printing has opened the door wide open for a broad range of personalisation techniques. Inkcups’ technology helps customers keep up with this trend, making the company an exciting place to be. I am thrilled to be part of the team that will grow and expand the Inkcups brand and business even further in Europe.’