The BoxMaker has added a Highcon Beam 2C digital cutting and creasing machine to its new all-digital Fantastapack production facility in Lowell, Arkansas.

The BoxMaker specialises in digitally produced packaging. With this latest purchase, the company becomes the first converter to operate three Highcon machines, as well as taking the crown as Highcon’s fastest growing customer.

Two Highcon Euclid 5C digital cutting and creasing systems are already in operation at The BoxMaker’s Seattle, Washington headquarters. Both machines were purchased in 2021. With this new installation in Arkansas, The BoxMaker will improve productivity and reduce manufacturing turnaround time. Additionally, The BoxMaker can now deliver custom packaging to clients across the US and Canada, with similar speed and quality as they can do from their Seattle headquarters.

By using the Highcon Beam 2C, The BoxMaker and its web-to-pack e-commerce platform,, can reduce finishing bottlenecks and eliminate costly and time-consuming die-making and setup processes. The company can also adopt a digital manufacturing approach incorporating dynamic ganging of jobs to optimise throughput.

Richard Brown, president and co-owner at The BoxMaker, said, ‘Our first two Highcons have been a success and are on track to meet our goals: a highly variable product mix, made on demand, and with less friction than traditional methods. We anticipate significant growth in production volume in 2022 and beyond, and Highcon’s digital laser cutting technology will play a critical role in ensuring cost-effective and timely production, while delivering high-quality, products to our customers.’

Daniel Dixon, director of operational excellence at The BoxMaker, explained that most of the orders produced on Highcon’s systems for customers are low- to mid-volume orders. ‘These types of projects are ideally suited to Highcon’s laser cutting technology and as a result, we decided to install these machines in our manufacturing headquarters to optimize the productivity of our available floorspace. Additionally, we have benefited from the increased laser cutting capabilities and embellishments, as well as the advantages of sustainability.’

Mike Ciaramella, vice president of sales and general manager, Americas at Highcon, ‘The BoxMaker is a perfect example of how forward-thinking companies are realising the benefits of continuous investment in the latest digital manufacturing technologies and processes. The success The BoxMaker has already achieved with Highcon’s laser cutting technology made the decision easy to invest in Highcon again. I am confident that the Highcon Beam 2C will help optimise production for The BoxMaker and assist in providing the best customer service to their growing client base across North America.’