As part of a drive to offset its carbon footprint, Hybrid Software Group has teamed up with Ecologi, a platform that supports the funding of carbon offset projects and the planting of trees around the world.

Since October of this year the group has been working to compensate for the impact of every single one of its employees both at work and in their personal life.  

Specifically Hybrid is implementing policies to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 footprint, including sourcing renewable energy and low-carbon travel, and is working with its supply chains to ‘measure and push down’ on Scope 3 carbon footprint. 

At the time of writing, the company has managed to offset 655 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) and has contributed to environmental projects across the globe including solar power generation in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, India, and using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile.  

‘As a board we are very aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and to our employees,’ commented chairman Guido Van Der Scheuren.  ‘Driving sustainability goals through the business is not only the right thing to do for future generations but it makes good business sense too.  For instance, in many of our key growth markets, such as packaging and textiles, environmental factors are influencing how those markets develop. Improving our environmental credentials shows our commitment to the expansion of these markets as they continue to transition towards digital production.’