Tharstern has launched Cloud for Labels, a ‘Cloud-native’ management information system (MIS) designed to allow crucial data to be passed from one application to another at any level.

This product will initially be available to the label sector, but over the coming years development will continue to make the product available for other print sectors, under the Tharstern Cloud moniker. Tharstern Cloud is built using an ‘API first’ approach, with a fully accessible API that allows companies to synergise their MIS with other software applications, and allow crucial data to be passed from one application to another at any level.

In developing its Cloud MIS concept, Tharstern sought to bring the idea of ‘Being Bionic’ – nurturing human talent whilst investing in technologies, and bringing the two together to create a successful business – into its software. This has resulted in various employee engagement tools being integrated into the software, such as the Tharstern Academy that awards certifications and helps nurture personal development, and virtual noticeboard where users can pick what’s displayed. Regular feedback surveys allow companies to find out how employees are feeling and measure engagement levels.

Tharstern managing director Keith McMurtrie commented, ‘Tharstern Cloud isn’t just a web application migrated to a Cloud platform, it’s built on Cloud-native technologies, which means as well as the obvious benefits such as remote working, mobility and always being up-to-date, it also offers world-class security, availability and almost unlimited scalability.’

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