Self-adhesive label association Finat has named Philippe Voet as its new president.

Mr Voet, currently CEO at Etivoet Belgium, became a member of the Finat board in 2019 and has also been part of the association’s Technical Committee.

After his pharmacist education, he moved into the pharmaceutical industry, taking on several management and leadership roles, and gaining knowledge of technical, project, production, supply chain, and operational excellence management.

The label market is where he got the chance to bring together his gained knowledge with creativity, innovation and influence on sustainability.

‘I want to embrace the post-Covid reality, for Finat, my own company and in my private life. As we have seen during our online European Label Forum, fundamental major changes are taking place in the sector. This will mean a new role and strategy for Finat as well. As an example, major modification will be seen in sustainability. Europe is implementing a lot of new regulations in our market. We will have to search for the best way to embrace these and how to mould these regulations to our advantage.

‘For Finat specifically, this means we have to intensify our monitoring and evaluation with regulators to keep a dialogue going. This combined with the challenge to attract and retain talent in our industry, means that we will have a lot of great tasks ahead of us for the coming years.’

Mr Voet takes over the presidency from Chris Ellison, and lead the association for the next two years.