Label Traxx has confirmed integration of its MIS software with Batched, providing label converters with a cutting-edge automated scheduling tool that will open them up to ‘previously unrealised efficiencies’.

Batched is an automated scheduling tool for label printers that sequences job tickets using an advanced algorithm. Batched also includes advanced reports providing insight into capacity planning, real-time order status, key business indicators and more, increasing productivity across all areas of a print business. This now connects directly with Label Traxx, ‘leveraging your data to create previously unrealized efficiencies that add up to big savings in time and money,’ according to the MIS company.

Label Traxx MIS president Ken Meinhardt commented, ‘It’s an impossible task for a human to consider all the variables necessary to produce on optimised production schedule in real time, that balances customer requirements. Our collaboration with Batched gives our customers cutting-edge technology to generate an automated and optimised schedule.’

Using Batched, a label printer establishes a set of rules and priorities to tailor the program to their specific manufacturing environment. Machine and workforce availability can be customised. Batched generates a real-time production schedule for each order and machine based on this information. Once the rules are established, generating the complete schedule is automated.

Spencer Keith, business development analyst at Amend, the consultancy behind Batched, explained, ‘Batched unlocks the potential of label printing businesses by generating efficiency and additional capacity for physical assets and team members alike. Customers can expect immediate material and time savings, increasing utilisation and throughput while streamlining operational and communication processes.’

Label Traxx customer CLOV recently began the implementation phase of the new software, and the converter’s president Dwane Wall said, ‘Between Label Traxx, Siteline and Batched, CLOV will have some of the best automation tools and customer relationship management tools available in the industry.’