Xaar has launched the Nitrox, a new printhead which the company says provides users with greater print speeds and uniformity to deliver ‘unparalleled performance across a wide variety of print applications.’

The latest addition to Xaar’s ImagineX platform, which sets the roadmap for the company’s bulk inkjet innovations and printhead developments, the printhead is available immediately. It has been developed to offer faster print speeds and greater uniformity across applications labels and packaging, as well as other products such as ceramics and glass.

Speed is integral to the Xaar Nitrox, with firing frequencies of up to 48kHz enabling print at up to 100m/min. Set-up time and installation are also fast, with drop in printhead alignment and Xaar’s AcuChp Technology allowing for a more automated process

Backwards compatible with the Xaar 1003, the three variants of the Xaar Nitrox – Core, Pro and Elite – provide customer choice and flexibility for a range of print needs. The Nitrox Core is designed for applications using oil-based inks, such as in ceramic tile decoration, while the Nitrox Pro can handle more demanding fluids including soluble salts and frit used for printing glass. The Nitrox Elite delivers printing at up to 48kHz and its drop placement and accuracy make it ‘perfect for functional fluids and 3D applications, alongside more traditional display graphics and label printing solutions.’ 

‘We are delighted to be launching the next printhead from our ImagineX platform,’ said Graham Tweedale, general manager of Xaar’s printhead business unit. ‘Whether using the latest highly viscous fluids for 3D printing or High Laydown for packaging and labels, the speed, performance and productivity of the Xaar Nitrox means you can use it to print right the first time and every time.’