The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition Centre (V-EC) is now live at, offering a range of virtual venues ready for conferences, trade shows and corporate events.

The venue construction company, V-Ex, provides a virtual exhibition and conference platform that is currently being used for over 150 virtual events and experiences. This includes the already-open IndustryExpo in Hall 1 of V-EC, and the impending Printing Expo in Hall 2. HP Indigo has a major presence with its ‘Digital Pouch Factory’ concept realised virtually, while further digital print industry players Global Graphics Software and Meteor Inkjet now confirmed as participants, as is asset finance specialists Close Brothers. Online machine tool show is currently under construction in Hall 3. The futuristic Hall 4 is currently available for occupation. In total, the V-EC site offers over 200,000sqm of exhibition floor space and has another 36,000sqm under construction, which will serve as Hall 5.

With IndustryExpo already seeing more than 250,000 visits since the event opened in January and in excess of 10,000 pre-registered for Printing Expo, V-Ex founder and CEO Roland Renshaw said, ‘We needed an exhibition park style location online to host a number of co-located virtual trade shows. The V-EC is there now to service immediate demand, however we are also talking to the owners and operators of several iconic physical venues about building digital twins, so they can continue to service customers during lockdown and beyond.’

The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform was designed from the outset as an interactive 3D environment to support large trade shows and conferences with hundreds of stands and thousands of visitors. The application is currently in its fourth generation, with 10 years of usage and development behind it. In this time, the V-Ex platform has seen more than 500,000 visits to online events it has so far hosted. Covid-19 has of course increased demand for its services in 2020, while V-EC, as a central location, is anticipated to attract further large shows and co-located events, who will be enticed by a more connected and all-encompassing alternative/complementary option to physical events.

The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform and V-EC are also anticipated to continue to remain relevant even when physical events are allowed to return,  with hybrid events expected to become a permanent fixture of the exhibition/conference landscape. This is a view shared both by V-Ex and the print industry, as evidenced in the Digital Labels & Packaging 2021 trends and predictions article.

Printing Expo opens its doors on 30 November, 2020, with Digital Labels & Packaging a media partner of the event