Drying specialist adphos has claimed a saving of one million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2019 from use of its aNIR technology.

adphos Group designs, manufactures, services and supports standard and custom options for a wide variety of applications using near-infrared (NIR) technology. The company’s advanced NIR (aNIR) technology combines NIR with warm air ventilation, creating the highest energy density commercially available above 1000KW/sqm, generated in the special NIR wavelength spectrum with the peak at 820nm and a focusing reflector geometry with intrinsic warm, high-velocity impingement air. aNIR drying systems can dynamically be adapted to the widths, quantities and production speeds required.

The one million tonne saving relates to all adphos systems installed globally installed and in operation, and compares with the gas ovens (fossil-fuelled driers and furnaces) that have been replaced. Around half of the total carbon dioxide saving comes from printing operations with the other half saved in metal coil coating applications, according to adphos sales director Frank de Jonge.