Polish manufacturer of corrugated packaging, Dunapack Packaging has signed an agreement with EFI to further enhance its corrugated control capabilities with the addition of Escada Profile, a closed-loop process control system enabling higher and consistent quality and overall efficiency.

‘We have been using Escada Synchro 7 wet- and dry-end control on our corrugator for several years, and having consulted with EFI about additional options that could help us in our continuous pursuit of quality, we decided Escada Profile would be the perfect solution for us,’ said Jakub Wojtko, production director at Dunapack Packaging’s Eurobox Polska operations. ‘We believe EFI Escada is the best choice for having an integrated closed loop corrugator control system that I hope will bring us many advantages such as increased quality due to higher run speeds. With these advantages, we expect to save money and further delight our customers with improved and reproducible product quality.’

Dunapack Packaging is an associated company of Prinzhorn Group, a family-owned and managed company with 6600 employees in 15 countries. Founded in 1853, the group has become a European market leader in the packaging, paper and recycling industry.

‘Adding Escada Clarity as well for enhanced reporting will help us focus on the relevant areas in production that we need to improve and optimise. The continual investment we make in our machinery and capabilities are what will help us as a business achieve our goals for growth in the future. Keeping our customers happy with improved quality of product will be an important step to help us achieve that,’ concluded Mr Wojtko.

EFI added 
Escada Systems
to its portfolio of products for corrugated last year.