Digitally printed pouches from ePac produced on the HP Indigo 20000


All-digital flexible packaging converter converter ePac Flexible Packaging has purchased 10 additional HP Indigo 20000 to expand operations across the US through mid-2019. The new order quadruples production capacity for the American company and is the largest packaging deal for HP to date.

The order is ePac’s second expansion with the 20000 flexible packaging press since launching just 18 months ago with one HP Indigo unit. The company currently has three of this type of press installed at its sites in Madison, Wisconson, and Boulder, Colorado. The 10 new units will be deployed coast-to-coast in new facilities opening in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Miami.

‘ePac helps simplify how brands of all sizes buy flexible packaging. Rapid turnaround time, low minimums, customisation, graphics quality and the ability to print to demand differentiate ePac from conventional flex pack converters,’ said CEO Jack Knott. ‘Printing is the core enabling technology we have built ePac on, with the HP Indigo 20000 serving as the foundation of our manufacturing platform. Our collaboration with HP is fundamental to our growth strategy, as we look to adding ePac sites in the months ahead.’

‘HP Indigo digital printing technology means greater flexibility for brands and entrepreneurs, and a more meaningful connection for their consumers,’ said Santi Morera, global head of graphics solutions business, HP Inc. ‘HP is thrilled to have played an integral role in ePac’s rapid rise to success over the past two years – and with this purchase, it’s a relationship we support proudly in the months and years to come.’