Xeikon CX3 at Anjou Etiquettes


A Xeikon CX3 press has been chosen by Anjou Etiquettes, in France, to better position itself in the market for high quality, short run and cost-efficient production of multiple label versions. 

The company, which is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, has a range of expertise in the label manufacturing supply chain, from graphic design to printing, processing to logistics, producing labels on rolls, sheets or non-stick labels for a wide variety of industries, ranging from agribusiness to phytosanitary, cosmetics and wine. The new press complements the existing printing equipment, which includes offset and letterpress presses.

‘By having an alternative to offset and letterpress, we will be able to respond quickly and at very competitive prices to requests for short label printing runs and multiple versions. These are key markets which we were no longer servicing due to constraints in our production platform, and now they will be important elements of our offering,’ explained Maurice Darré, chairman. 

When the business decided to invest in digital printing, its primary concern was print quality. ‘We asked four suppliers to print out some files we provided so we could compare their print quality. The Xeikon CX3 digital label press performed best. It was also the best choice from a financial perspective,’ Mr Darré said.

Since adding digital printing to its Montreuil-Bellay site, the company has cut its production times significantly. ‘For us, customer satisfaction is of primary importance, and that means ensuring fast response times. Our customers constantly tell us how much they appreciate our capabilities, especially when we manage to carry out an urgent order within 24 hours,’ added Mr Darré.

Against the background of a growing national label market, the company is aiming to increase its turnover by attracting new customers it was unable to serve before.

‘We estimate that digital printing will soon account for between 15% and 20% of our global business,’ Mr Darré concluded. ‘We have already received a number of orders for short printing runs in the cosmetics and confectionery industries. We are now also able to service the market for unique labels used for traceability and in the fight against counterfeiting. These capabilities add significantly to our competitive advantage, and we have our Xeikon CX3 to thank!’