Official unveiling of the new digital press at Insignis-Etiketten 


Following a reorganisation of its IT set up in 2017, Insignis-Etiketten in Austria has invested in a Gallus Labelfire 340 to expand its product portfolio and guarantee improved flexibility, quality and performance.

The Viennese label printer has also established a new dedicated digital department thereby restructuring the business into two independent business units: Insignis-Etiketten and Insignis Digital. CEO, managing partner and engineer Ferdinand Hager said, ‘In this way, we aim to give a clear indication of our new commitment to digital printing.’

The new production facility for digital was adapted shortly before Christmas  and is the home of the new Gallus Labelfire 340. The equipment was delivered and installed in February 2018. 

This is the first Gallus machine of its type in Austria and also the first Labelfire in what the manufacturer refers to as the Eastern European market. It has been configured with, amongst others, cold foil and screen printing as part of the inline finishing process.

‘With this machine, we are becoming extremely flexible whilst obtaining top quality. The expanded colour gamut with seven printing inks (CMYK + GOV) and digital white enables us to cover 96% of the Pantone colour space and, with a physical resolution of 1200dpi, we achieve offset quality, sometimes even beyond,’ said Insignis managing director, Erwin Pudek. ‘This investment has sent a ripple of excitement through the whole team,’ concurred Mr Hager. 

Mr Pudek continued, ‘We don’t want to go with the flow anymore; we want to swim against the tide instead and add value through differentiation, which this investment enables us to achieve. It is important for us in future to not just be part of a market; we want to develop a new market for ourselves.’

This also involves trying to find another avenue to customers this year, with the Labelfire 340 serving as the catalyst. New field staff recruits will add to the sales force addressing the agency and creative sector to inform these areas about these new digital opportunities.