The kids at Middlethorpe Primary Academy learnt about digital print, sustainability and packaging


Ultimate Digital invited Middlethorpe Primary Academy school children to watch their own Kids Ink designs being digitally printed as part of a trial run for the new brand.

Kids Ink is a web-to-print platform that allows children to design a personalised lunch bag. The bags are lined with Bio-master material giving the surface extra protection and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. This makes the bag easily wipe-able so it can be used time and time again.  The purpose of Kids Ink is to educate children in being environmentally friendly, but in a fun, creative and interactive way. 

The day at Middlethorpe Primary Academy consisted of interactive workshops where the kids got to learn about digital print, sustainability and packaging. 

‘The children have had a really good day, and have gained an appreciation of how things are made from design to product. Being able to do design and technology and promote healthy schools outside the classroom is really valuable for learning,’ said Michael Elliott, assistant head.

The lunch bags are printed on Ultimate’s HP Indigo 20000 digital presses linked to the portal via its Smartflow software. The innovation was Highly Commended at the Stationers’ Hall Excellence awards recently. The new brand will be launching in August.